Reports are emerging about the extent of world-beating 800 meter track and field athlete, Caster Semenya, and of the collusion of South Africa’s track and field officials (who pretended they were on her side) with the world body, the IAAF. South Africa’s “Mail & Guardian” has details of the kind of “testing” she’s been subjected to:

… Semenya was subjected to humiliating tests in South Africa even before the gender row erupted. “The tests took almost two hours and Semenya became frustrated and even angry over the humiliating nature of the tests,” [Johannesburg Afrikaans newspaper] Beeld quoted ASA’s former head coach, Wilfred Daniels, as saying of the tests carried out in South Africa. Beeld said Semenya was “bitterly upset” when photographs of her private parts were taken during the examinations. “Her feet were in stirrups when the photographs were taken,” reportedly Daniels said. ASA officials were not immediately available for comment on the report. Semenya was led to believe she would undergo drug tests in South Africa, Beeld said.

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