Ernesto Laclau in “Constructing Universality”:

There is no politics without the creation of political frontiers, but creating such frontiers is more difficult when one cannot rely on stable entities (such as the ‘classes’ of Marxist discourse) . There is no future for the Left if it is unable to create an expansive universal discourse constructed out of, not against, the proliferation of particularisms of the last few decades. A dimension of universality is already operating in the discourses which organise particular demands and an issue-oriented politics, but it is an implicit and undeveloped universality incapable of proposing itself as a set of symbols able to stir the imagination of vast sectors of the population. The task ahead is to expand those seeds of universality so that we can have a full social imaginary capable of competing with the neoliberal consensus which has been the hegemonic horizon of world politics for the last thirty years.

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