When Miley Cyrus met Nigerian parents
Serginho Roosblad | December 10th, 2013


It is very likely that Miley Cyrus will end up somewhere in a number of “best of 2013″ lists, for reasons many still struggle to understand. Maybe for culturally appropriating ‘twerking’ and making it popular with white suburban kids in the US, and probably beyond. At least it was not the South African “pro” twerk team. Miley  even managed to inspire the American-based Naija Boyz (remember them? Here and here are reminders) for their take on Miley’s “Wrecking Ball”:  ‘Wrecking Ball – African Remix’. It’s a spoof that both mocks Miley and takes on a bunch of stereotypes of strict Nigerian parents beating their kids around because of their Miley-inspired behavior.

You could read it as the Naija Boyz critically taking on American/western influence on Nigerian youth. But the guys were probably just having lots of fun … and Miley happened to make people laugh and inspired them.

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Serginho Roosblad

Journalist and producer for RNW Africa.

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