As the credits rolled on “Touch,” a short film by the young director Shola Amoosomeone in the audience packed into Brooklyn’s Spectacle Theater (for the Future Weird screening) exhaled “that was bomb!” With a small three-person cast including singer-turned actress Tanya Fear, “Touch” asks some big questions, of technology, and of human experience, in a way that is delicate and open-ended. How can bodily experiences be shared, and how much can be transmitted between us?

The film also probes the paradox of our engagement with technological apparatus, which can open us to strangers while at same time foreclosing shared bodily experience. Now the London-based director has released the full thirteen-minute film online. Watch it here (below) and look out for Amoo’s debut feature “A Moving Image,” a film about becoming “a 21st century creative in a rapidly gentrifying city”:

Nina wants to create the perfect piece of art – but her creative juices aren’t flowing. Whilst she searches for inspiration, she forms a three-way relationship with an Actor called Mickey and a Performance Artist called Ayo.

The three bond during a sweaty summer spent on rooftops, parks and art spaces in South London, as they each strive to find an artistic niche and circumvent their burgeoning mid twenties crisis. Nina discovers her creative spark between both men – but this, and their triangular relationship, is threatened when she is forced to make a choice.

You can follow the progress of “A Moving Image” on Twitter, Facebook and the film’s website.

Now watch “Touch”:

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