Soyinka turned 80 this year. We learn this in an interview a Nigerian newspaper did with his wife, Folake:

He cooks and he is quite good at it. He even cooked about two days ago. When the boys were really little, one day in California, he called us all to the kitchen and said he wanted to have a family meeting. They were so young I don’t even think they had any concept of what a family meeting was. He lined all three according to their heights and asked me to sit. He said he has something to tell us and he was only going to say it once. He whipped out some cooking utensils, moved them around noisily inside the pot, threw some up, caught them, performed a few tricks and then told us to listen up. He said there were only three people in the world that can cook pasta like he does: one is dead, the other lives in Sicily, Italy, and he is the third one and he is going to cook something the likes of which we had never eaten. He cooked pasta that day and we truly enjoyed it.”



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One thought on “There are apparently only three people in the world that can cook pasta like Wole Soyinka

  1. Thought I saw him perusing the cooking glossies at a news stand in the NYC Subway on Wednesday night. Chatting up the Pakistani uncle who runs the joint. I was coming off the E line, Port Authority’s bowels. I swear.

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