On Friday 2nd, Elnathan John and I met with Dr Jibrin Ibrahim for the second episode of our Naija Podcast series (here’s the first episode). In 45 minutes, we discussed three hot topics: the question of Fulani pastoralism and conflict in the North and Middle Belt; Boko Haram and finally the ongoing National Conference. For those who don’t know his work, Dr Ibrahim is one of Nigeria’s foremost political scientists. His views on Boko Haram (17.50 – 32.30) are especially interesting and relevant. His take is that we must see Boko Haram as part of a pan-Sahelian attack on secular national boundaries and a robust effort to restore the region back to the Islamic empires of centuries past. For those who are new to thinking about Boko Haram or are keen to deepen their understanding, this podcast is required listening.

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