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'Africa's First World Cup' Revisited

We’re allowed to talk about the 2010 World Cup until 2014. Later today our man, historian of African soccer, Peter Alegi, will deliver the keynote address at the 7th Sports…..

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Shameless Self Promotion: World Cup edition

Look out for a a special issue of African Journalism Studies on “The Fifa World Cup 2010 in the News.” I guest edited.  While you’re contemplating whether you’d pay to read…..

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Traffic Report

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, I had blogged about the proliferation of nonsensical press reports claiming 40 000 women would be trafficked into the country during…..

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G'day Mate

“The thing that overwhelms most is the level of professionalism of native Africans in knowing how to serve a bottle of wine properly,” said Philip Crawford, a designer of luxury…..

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The Day After

The World Cup is now over after a final match that unfortunately rivals for negativity, ugliness, aimlessness and overzealous refereeing the 1990 World Cup final in Rome between Germany and Argentina……

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Vuvuzelas All Around

Now that the criticisms of the vuvuzela have subsided and the sounds of the vuvuzela will soon take a break from the world stage too, we refer you to a…..