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“Mr Kristof, I Presume.”

Two Africa is a Country contributors–Neelika Jayawardane and Kathryn Mathers–have pieces in the latest issue of Transition, the Harvard creative writing magazine. The theme of the issue is “Blending Borders.”…..

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Even the Elephants Fled to Kenya

Josephine Ablang, the very young Minister of Finance, Trade, and Industry from Eastern Equatoria State in South Sudan, and Zeinab Yassim, Special Advisor to the Governor of Eastern Equatoria on…..

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T.I.A. (at Victoria's Secret)

Hmmm. Afro-Maori fantasy? With Brazillian wax. (Oh, if you missed out T.I.A. stands for This is Africa)–Neelika Jayarwadane Source.

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Kanye West's Nigerian Inspiration

Neelika Jayawardane Looks like Kanye’s decision to enlisted the expertise of choreographer Yemi Akinyemi to mobilise the sinews in his 35-minute film, Runaway, will position this surreal fantasy with the best of…..

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Mandela in the Cross Hairs

By Neelika Jayawardane A lesser man may relish, cultivate, and aid the construction of living icon-hood (see Out of Africa Redux). But in Conversations with Myself, the “sequel” to Long…..

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The Security Guard

To call Jane Alexander’s “Yield”, a montage of her sculptures from 1997-2000, is to reduce the power of her work. The sculptures, arranged in one of the inner rooms of…..