6 minutes read

Waiting to be local

The predicted El Niño rains start in September. Kampala is wet in the afternoons and sometimes in the nights too. The traffic jams are jarring. It is wise to stay…..

6 minutes read

Anti-Dominicanism, a no lesser evil

In the recent crisis involving Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the world seems to be lacking stories that show Dominicans in identification with human rights or blackness. In the absence…..

19 minutes read

Come ride with Malitia Malimob

Africa is a Country ran a profile on Somalia-via-Seattle rap duo Malitia Malimob two years ago. On the heals of the release of their latest album, Seattle-based journalist Devon Leger sat…..

27 minutes read

Losing London

“To journey is to be human. To migrate is to be human. Human migration forged the world. Human migration will forge the future,” writes Ishtiyaq Shukri in his first essay…..