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NBA player Serge Ibaka has no country

Last year we pointed to the fact that sports commentators, statisticians and journalists can’t distinguish the Democratic Republic of Congo (the DRC) from its neighbor the Republic of Congo every…..

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Music Break / J Martins and Fally Ipupa

Nigeria and Congo. From 2010. J Martins featuring Fally Ipupa. It’s a remix. The latter owns the track. If you don’t want to wait, fast forward to the 1:49 mark.

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Tintin in Congo

Earlier this year, the Congolese government declared European development commissioner Karel De Gucht persona non grata because of comments he made to the European Parliament, stating that the weakness of…..

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Do you know Omar al Bashir?

I recently ask students in a graduate class I teach on ‘media, culture and international affairs’ to do an experiment: take a camera, go outside (really downstairs on the New…..

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Cédric Gerbehaye’s Congo

You probably know Belgian photographer Cedric Gerbehaye from his portrait of Laurent Nkunda. That 2007 picture was part of a broader story on Eastern Congo. Gerbehaye is a frequent visitor…..

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The Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra

The trailer for the documentary, “Kinshasa Symphony,” about the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra and Chior. The orchestra, named for a Congolese resistance leader, is based in Kinshasa, Congo’s capital. The film, co-directed…..

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A young boy gets a haircut in a refugee camp in Eastern Congo. Her most recent work has focused on Kenyan communities. Link.

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Starting tonight through October 24th, the excellent Maysles Institute in Harlem is showing films about the Democratic Republic of Congo for the next three and a half weeks. Films like…..

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Most of the time I complain about Western media coverage of African subjects, with white people (usually humanitarian workers, rich people or actresses) usually saving us.  But when things pan…..