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Music Break. Gaël Faye

Bujumbura-born Gaël Faye (you know him from the Paris hip hop outfit Milk Coffee & Sugar) returned to Burundi to record this video with singer Francis Muhire for ‘Petit Pays’…..

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Slo-mo better than No-mo

Not personally in love with the song, and I get this feeling all the way through that I want to hear the music the dancers are actually moving to, but…..

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July 1, Burundi, Rwanda and Somalia

July, like June, is a busy month for independence celebrations in Africa. We can’t keep up. Today we celebrate with the people Burundi, Rwanda and Somalia.  Here’s one each from each…..

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Na Wewe*

Ivan Goldschmidt’s Na Wewe has been nominated for this year’s Academy Award Short Films. “1994: There is civil war in Burundi, a small country of Central Africa directly bordering Rwanda……

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Bujumbura is hot*

The newest in expat chic? Bujumbura, “a freewheeling city of palm trees and colonial-era Art Deco buildings thrust against the shores of Lake Tanganyika [where] Congolese, Rwandans and aid workers…..

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Democracy in Burundi: The Mixtape

In the Fall of 1998 I took up a brief research fellowship in Cambridge, MA, and spent some time hanging out with Alexis Sinduhije, a Burundian journalist who had been…..