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Hugh Masekela's football skills

This is a music break with a football reference in there. In 1984 Hugh Masekela’s single “Don’t Go Lose It Baby” (off the album “Techno Bush”) reached number two for…..

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'Africa's burgeoning middle class'

At least 313 million Africans–that’s one in three Africans–can be defined as middle class, according to the African Development Bank. If you earn between $2 and $20 a day ,…..

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Mad Max in Botswana

We already know they can play. Now there’s evidence of heavy metal fashion in Botswana, an anomaly–according to photographer Frank Marshall– in Southern Africa’s mainly white metal scene. More here and…..

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International Death Metal Month

I won’t know the difference between heavy metal and death metal. But I had to post this link to a video of Botswana death metal band Wrust, on All Metal…..

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The Lion Queen

From the trailer for The National Geographic’s “The Last Lions,” a film about a lioness in Botswana’s Okavanga Delta, that is nominated for the best documentary at The Academy Awards…..

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Batswana Humor

The slim, fit-looking president of Botswana–considered one of Africa’s most eligible bachelors–says he is finally ready to get married but made it clear that overweight women need not apply. President…..

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The Botswana Democratic Party was returned to power in this weekend’s elections. The BDP has ruled the country uninterrupted since independence in 1966 through an electoral system–first past the post–that…..

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From “The Economist,” who goes a bit overboard on how different the ways of the Bushmen (known also as the San, or Basarwa in Tswana) are, but gets the larger…..