In January this year, President Goodluck Jonathan signed the Anti-Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act into law. According to a NOI Polls survey conducted in June 2013, 92% of Nigerians support the legislation, giving Nigeria the second-highest rate of non-acceptance of homosexuality out of 45 countries surveyed.  This apparent homophobia is at variance with Google analytics, which shows that Nigeria ranks in the top five in the world for searches for gay porn.  This shows the disconnection between private vice and public morality.

The interesting challenge posed to the NOI Poll is that there still remains 8% that do not support the legislation.  With a population of 170 million people, 8% amounts to 13.6 million people not supporting the legislation. If the poll is an effective reflection of true public opinion, this is significant number that cannot be ignored, amounting to a population of more than 10 small countries in Africa.

The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERs) in partnership with the Solidarity Alliance for Human Rights in Nigeria (SAHR) is conducting a survey to find out about attitudes and perceptions towards homosexuality in Nigeria. The survey is aimed at Nigerians only and it is entirely anonymous. They would be very grateful if you could spend just a few minutes completing the form, and encourage you to share it among your fellow Nigerians.


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Jeremy Weate

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  1. This is disinformation. 90% of Nigerians have no access to internet, so Google analytics only reveals what is happening in Lagos and Abuja and only give the number of downloads, not the numbers of persons. Be honest please!

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