4 minutes read

There will be think pieces

There will be many think pieces composed about the #ParisAttacks. They will be thoughtful, they will be polemic, and be jingoistic and angry. They will express love, hate, and fear……

6 minutes read

The “refugees welcome” culture

In June 2012, several refugees in the city of Würzburg stitched up their mouths to protest the lack of response to their political demands. Four demands have been at the…..

1 minute read

Asking for a friend

The big questions that animated our friend this week: Facebook, thanks for the ‘Paris Safety Check.’ Can we have one for Baghdad, Beirut and Borno too? Why is a public…..

11 minutes read

The Stade de France–A History in Fragments

The French national team player Patrice Evra was dribbling up the pitch when the second bomb exploded. Two minutes earlier, the same thing had happened: a loud, resonating explosion heard…..

6 minutes read

The land grabs in Africa you don’t hear about

In the ongoing global debate about income and wealth inequality, a little known fact with particular relevance for Africa and with far reaching consequences has flown under the radar: land…..

9 minutes read

Catching up with Noura Mint Seymali

In the dark, beautifully backlit confines of The Triple Door in Seattle, Noura Mint Seymali was holding court. A smallish woman from Mauritania, she ruled the stage with a fiery…..