Screen grab of a video published by Jawar Mohammed, a US-based journalist who shares many videos linked to the Oromos via France24.

The point of no return in Ethiopia

Hundreds of Ethiopians have been killed by their government this year. Hundreds. You might not have known because casualty numbers have been…

The Obama and Bongo families. Image Credit: Amanda Lucidon via The White House.

The paradoxes of soft dictatorship

For the second time in seven years, violent unrest has followed the presidential election in the small country of Gabon in West Equatorial A…

Image courtesy of filmmakers

Colonial Sahara

Western Sahara serves as a powerful and timely reminder to the world that colonialism has not ended in Africa. It continues in the form of w…

All Images credit Gili Levinson

Uptown griots

Last month Mali celebrated 56 years of political independence from France. A few weeks later, on October 9, thousands of miles to the West i…

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