December 2nd, 2013
Azonto Americana


Azonto has been huge in Ghana, obviously, and the rest of Africa. Then it made its grand entrance to London and the United Kingdom with some help from the British-born Ghana boy Fuse ODG, especially with Antenna . It was cool seeing the London All Stars do their Azonto thing, but I was hoping maybe, just maybe, it might finally touchdown here in the US. My salvation might be at hand in the form of the production company, Level 7 .…[ read more ]

The latest piece of mythological drivel on us South African whites was published in that most stoically smug of bourgeois publications, "The Economist," with the title, “Braai the Beloved Country.” This piece (made the rather extraordinary claim that we have been politically and economically marginalized in South Africa since the inception of majority rule in 1994. Again the mainstream media are trying for force a victim/loser complex on White South Africa. All this pessimism is nauseating. We won the negotiated settlement and have been thriving ever since--let’s celebrate it for God’s sake!…[ read more ]

December 2nd, 2013
The Rory Peck Awards


The Rory Peck Awards, which took place on Wednesday, November 20 in London, are held to honor the work of freelance cameramen and women covering news and current affairs. This year’s finalists included two reports from Africa (Mali and Somalia), as well as pieces shot in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, and Syria.…[ read more ]

November 29th, 2013
Weekend Music Break 63


We kick off our weekly installment of new music videos with OttawaParis-based Mélissa Laveaux riding the crunchy electronics with flair on her new offering, ‘Triggers’, in a video directed by Terence Nance — remember also this other video he shot for her earlier this year: Some trippy and transcendental downtempo music from YellowStraps (that’s Yvan Murenzi, …[ read more ]

November 28th, 2013
Bombino: Nomad, but much more


Bombino’s mesmerizing 2013 album begins with the sound of a revving engine, perhaps the guitarist’s cheeky way of saying that he’s going to take the listener somewhere really special. And so he does, via soulful, intense songs which center around his fabulous guitar playing. This album is full of contradictions: it is called Nomad yet …[ read more ]

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