It’s Bra Hugh’s birthday today. Well into his seventies, Hughie as his friend Dizzy Gillepsie used to call him, demonstrates no interest in laying off from touring. To celebrate, we’ll bump a bit of “I Am Not Afraid”; or maybe tap into his Hedzoleh Sounds era; or perhaps go buckwild to some Union Of South Africa (alongside Caiphus Semenya and Jonas Gwangwa). Who knows, we might even cruise past his electronic stuff in the eighties; Techno Bush maybe. By the time Sunday comes, we’ll be cold chilling with him and his old buddy Larry Willis on their “Friends” album.

As a bonus, here’s a video, released 2 days ago, of Bra Hugh performing a Bob Dylan cover for his departed friend, the photographer Alf Kumalo (the man who took that iconic photograph of “a young 16-year old Hugh Masekela leaping in the air, clutching the trumpet that had been sent to him by Louis Armstrong”):

Happy birthday Bra Hughie!

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