No One Will Remember The Book Cover
Tom Devriendt | March 15th, 2011


I received my copy of this year’s Commonwealth Prize winner Aminatta Forna’s The Memory of Love in the mail the other day.

Not that I don’t like its cover (or the book), but this is just silly.

And here’s why:

Some of us (in Canada, Great Britain, South Africa and India) also know 2008 Commonwealth Prize winner Lawrence Hill’s novel as The Book of Negroes and sure, this is the Australian edition’s cover, but still…

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6 thoughts on “No One Will Remember The Book Cover

  1. The woman in the picture surely must be helping selling the books – are buyers that easily taken in by the picture with so little concern for what is inside?

    • Covers move books. The cover of this book is actually how I landed on this page. I just purchased “The Memory of Love” and I was searching for information on the cover photo.
      I don’t pick up a book unless I like the cover. I also purchased “Someone Knows My Name” because I was drawn in by its cover however it isn’t the cover listed here.

  2. Arey, indeed. with lipstick photoshopped in/out. This is as dumb as all the Lands End photoshop disasters.

  3. Since, according to the jacket blurbs, both books are "deeply moving" does it not make sense to use the same photograph?

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