Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela
Sean Jacobs | July 18th, 2011


South Africa’s first democratic president is 93 years old today.

The artwork is a collaboration between the two Dutch artists Anton Corbijn and Berend Strik. (Via: ZAM Magazine)

* It would be appropriate to click through to our February 11, 2010 post “Songs for Nelson Mandela” (on the 10th anniversary of Mandela’s release of Mandela). Here.

The people of Blikkiesdorp
Weekend Special, July 17
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Sean Jacobs

Otherwise known as Hasan Wasan.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela

  1. Father Mandela,great Africa heroe, emancipator of the opressed, montainous elephant dominating the forest of life, you have shown us the good way of life to emulate, Africa history will forever favour you, Iindeed thank you for your unequal quality, as you are ageing i implore God in his infinite mercy to grant Africa a good leader worth of emulation to step into your shoes. Happy birth day and more in life. I love you Daddy and may you never hard. Alex Ogunrinde from Nigeria.

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