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Nakhane Toure’s Violent Streak

Nakhane Touré’s itching to make some noise. His acoustic guitar-strumming fingers are ready to shred some shrewd chords on the electric. He wants to scare sixteen year olds and piss…..

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Africa is a Radio: Season 2, Episode 1

Africa is a Radio Season 2 is here! In our inaugural episode, we have added two hosts, Sean Jacobs and Elliot Ross of this site! In the first episode they have…..

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Dear Grammy Awards: A Letter From a Colombian Musician

Pedro Ojeda is a Colombian musician, member of many influential bands, such as Los Pirañas, Romperayo, Ondatrópica and Chúpame El Dedo. Last year, the song “Universos Paralelos” by the Uruguayan Jorge…..

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Dope Saint Jude messes with Cape Town’s head

As trending topics in local pop culture, Gender and Race can be vapid. Tired lambasts of South Africa’s patriarchal, racially oppressive, hegemonic society often make me want to renounce my…..