#CaptionThis: What was Madonna pointing at?
Africa is a Country | March 14th, 2014


For some odd reason, last weekend, this striking black and white image by photographer Terry Kane of pop singer Madonna “tour(ing) a UN millennium village in Mtanga, Malawi, in 2007″ illustrated a Financial Times book review of The Tyranny of Experts by William Easterly and The Idealist, by Nina Munk. Madonna is not mentioned in the piece at all which you can read here. In any case, we were struck more by the image and posted it on our Facebook page, where we asked readers to #captionthis. We promised that we’d feature a few of your responses on the blog, so here they are. Feel free to add more in the comments: 

Seán Burke: “You can put my self-importance right over there.”

Joseph Miller: “That’s where I want the two of you to perform Hakuna Matata”

Andriannah Mbandi: “Can i get a piggy back ride across to over theeeere?”

Jane Bennett: “(Medem to gardner) Lapha, lapha and lapha….”

Belinda Dodson: “Oh look! It’s a baby in the bulrushes.”

Ryan Justin Cummings: “Right there is where Lupita Nyongo’s parents bequeathed her to me….”

Katie Ubax Carline: “And there’s the crate with my clothing donation: camo trousers and a pair of combat boots for the whole town!”

Chantelle Hammer: “So Africa is right over there” jaaaa there”

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