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Summer List: Paris is a Continent

What’s good in Paris this summer? Its airwaves of course. Featuring Kamelanc’ (born in Oujda, Morocco) and Atheena (representing Senegal) for example, with ‘Pas besoin’:

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Paris is a Continent N°11

Sage poet Zoxea & Busta Flex battle it out in ‘C’est nous les reustas’: Youssoupha (a name you must be familiar with by now), Indila and Skalpovich Dreamin’:

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Paris is a Continent N°10

Less than two months before France’s presidential elections, this ‘Letter to the Republic’ couldn’t come more timely. And it blew up accordingly. Kery James has some thoughts on France’s history…..

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Paris is a Continent N°9

Watching French incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech in Marseille Sunday night (his second speech since announcing he’s seeking a second term last week), I was hoping for a reference to…..

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Music Break. Corneille and La Fouine

Crooner Corneille (born in Germany, raised in Rwanda and now a Canadian citizen) performs two of his songs with the help of rapper La Fouine (French of Moroccan descent)–we’ve featured…..

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Paris is a Continent N°8

Loads of Paris suburbs gets shouted out in this song by a cast of the city’s rappers.

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Music Break. Bibo

A preview of what to expect from French soul singer Bibo‘s internet mixtape “Demain des L’Aube” scheduled for May 2012.

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France’s first sitcom with an all-black cast

“Tchip Show” is the first situation comedy show on French TV revolving mainly around characters of Afro-Caribbean and African backgrounds living in Paris. Now in its fourth season, it made its…..

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Paris is a Continent N°7

My friends and the musicians we listen to–we’re mostly the children of immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean–prefer Francois Hollande and the Socialists over Sarkozy, but know Hollande won’t win.

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Paris is a Continent, N°6

I thought I’d continue my focus on French women singers. First up is Kayna Samet: great voice, from Algeria. This song named “Yema” (mother in Arabic) is about the love…..