Africa is a Radio: Episode 3
Boima Tucker | June 11th, 2014


Episode 3 of Africa is a Country Radio is live on Groovalizacion and the AIAC Mixcloud page. This month is a music only episode because I had been touring the U.S., and only just arrived back to Rio to record the show.

However, there is a still a bit of a theme. Brazil being on much of the world’s minds these days I had to open the show with a dedication to the World Cup host country. A special post-show big up to the Brazilian people — who stay challenging the status quo of global mega events!

Africa is a Country Radio: Episode #3 by Africasacountry on Mixcloud

Can an African team reach the World Cup semi-finals?
Interview: On two important exhibitions devoted to African diasporas during the slave trades (Part II)
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Boima Tucker

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