Tutu’s Board Games

Shameless self-promotion. “Board Games” is a short documentary video I did for my friend Kent Lingeveldt who runs the independent Alpha Longboards company. I just showed up at his workshop when he told me to, followed him where he told me to, and drank coffee when he told me to. The video is “a day in the life”–or “a few days in the life”–of Alpha Longboards, and of Kent himself. Kent is something of a veteran and an enigma in the Cape Town skating scene, and was one of the first longboarders on the Cape Flats. The aim was to explain what made Alpha different to other board companies; they use local wood, every board is shaped and carved by hand, and every piece of artwork is unique. Also, how many other longboard companies have Desmond Tutu as a patron?

Dylan Valley

Dylan Valley is a documentary fillmmaker who sees film as a liberatory tool. He's directed work for Al Jazeera, SABC, and independently. He's currently an associate lecturer of the University of Witwatersrand. He continues to dream of becoming a DJ.

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