Friday Bonus Music Break, N°11

10 songs we’ve been listening to this week. First up — and fresh — Gaël Faye and Tumi (who needs no introduction):

Also from Burundi: Mudibu has a story and a song to share (H/T Karl Steinacker):

The exceptional Y’akoto tells us a bit more about how she goes about writing songs but in between her French words there’s an example too:

Jitsenic (Jitsvinger and Arsenic) dropping verses and truths on South African Bush Radio:

Akala and Selah wrote ‘A Message’:

From Mali, remember Ben Zabo?

From the band named after a Nigerian state capital, Benin City:

Iyadede gives Mark Ronson & The Business, Andre Wyatt and Boy George a makeover:

The Mighty Third Rail — the alternative hip hop trio that combines beat-boxing, poetry, violin and upright bass:

And a full concert by Rachelle Ferrell and George Duke band. Live in Montreux (1997):



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  1. I love the Friday Music Breaks. May I suggest featuring an image in these music break posts? When I do a status update on Facebook with the URL to this blog post, there is no alluring image to encourage people to click through to the post.

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