Gaddafi is dead, III

Today I started thinking of all the odd bits I have read or heard about Gaddafi. Hopefully I’ll post more.  Like the apocryphal story of when the G.O.A.T. Muhammed Ali met the future dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

A young Libyan student in London sat on [Ali’s] bed, kept him up half the night with dithyrambic visions of Muslim revolution. ‘Watch, one day you will see,’ said Muammar Qaddafi. Half asleep, Ali said: “Sheeet, you crazy.”

* The first place I read this was in my copy of  The Esquire Book of Sports Writing (published in 1995). It’s in “Great Men Die Twice,”  a profile of Ali by sportswriter Mark Kram first published in the magazine in 1989. (Kram also wrote a book about the relationship between Ali to and his longtim rival Joe Frazier.)



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. I remember nearly every word of a Saturday Night Live spoof commercial for “Gaddafi Jeans” from the 70’s (?). It was to the tune of a Jordache jeans ad popular at the time:

    “He’s got the look the third world is after.
    He’s got the look that so together.
    Working.. Playing.. Invading Chad…
    Gaddafi has the look that’s bad.
    The Gaddafi look”

  2. The first time i became aware of Muammar Gadaffi was when he went to Zimbabwe in 2002, or is it 2003? I grew up in the ’80s and Gadaffi was, together with Idi Amin, Central African Republic, Emperor Bokassa, part of the legend.

    The early part of this decade or the last one, Gadaffi started to identify with this part of the continent, I mean Sub Saharan Africa. And on this visit, which conjured Jesus Christ’s Triumphal Entry on donkeyback, Gadaffi sashayed into Zimbabwe from Zambia in a motorcade i somehow think was 300 cars long (or is it 300km?).

    He was accompanied by beautiful, big women-Amazons, i think, they are called( I remember one photo of the late Frederick Chiluba besides one of these amazons and i marvelled). He strode majestically into Zimbabwe and drove all the way to Harare, a 400 km journey through a densely forested country, uneven landscape made up of limestone and granite rock outcrops . It was both spectacle and ritual. It was the King of Kings walking his earth; It was a land, incidentally, Libya’s petroleum millions had helped free.
    As I said to colleagues this morning, if it wasn’t for help from people like Gadaffi, Ian Smith would have stayed on for, perhaps, another 10 years. This is not to overlook the excesses, but that’s for another day, another blog…

  3. I meant to say: The first time i became REALLY aware of Muammar Gadaffi was when he went to Zimbabwe in 2002, or is it 2003?…

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