Louis Vuitton goes all Zimbabwean

Nyasha Maronhodze, the new face of Louis Vuitton, entered the modelling world just two years ago after winning the UK Elite Model Look competition in 2009. Legend goes that the Zimbabwean-born Maronhodze was scouted on the streets of the Northamptonshire town in which she now lived, and invited to London for a casting – for which she showed up in her school uniform.

And now, she will be couture clothed by Louis Vuitton’s creative head, Marc Jacobs, and shot by fashion photographer Stephen Meisel for a slick new campaign featuring new faces. Maronhodze’s angular, healthy beauty will (hopefully) ensure that the campaign won’t deteriorate to the degradation and pale anorexia that Jacobs is usually famous for cooking up.

Neelika Jayawardane

Sharp-tongued literature professor. She is on the editorial board of Africa is a Country.

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