"The African-Filipino Occupation"

Very much in the fashion of other democratic states, some Israelis have decided to take up the cause against social ills such as unemployment, crime and disease. How do they plan to do it? Not by addressing the realities of Occupied Palestine and a bloated security regime, making schools and hospitals more accessible for Israelis and Palestinians or instituting government reform for jobs and the economy. No, of course not. The solution these Israelis have decided upon? Attacking African and Filipino refugees, immigrants to Israel, as well as Israeli-born citizens, and demanding these ‘infiltrators’ be kicked out of the country. The video, above, is the work of Israeli journalist David Sheen–Sophia Azeb.



Sophia Azeb

Sophia Azeb is a writer and scholar based at the University of Southern California. She tweets as @brownisthecolor.

  1. How short people's memories are. Obviously they have completely forgotten what it felt like when Hitler was calling them dirty immigrants, rounding them up and getting rid of them.

    I thought they said that any JEW in the world could come to Israel. There are loads of Ethiopian Jews in Israel. Why are they treating their fellow Jews this way?

    I guess racism is stronger than religion.

    1. Nearly all of the Beta Israel (aka Ethiopian Jews) are already in Israel. Israeli racism is in fact religious in character, not ethnic. Some years ago an entire tribe in the Amazon was proselytized, converted en masse to Judaism, and moved to Israel, because the settler movement needed more warm bodies to occupy the West Bank.

  2. The Palestinian must laughing his head off now. The Israeli settler has barely unpacked before he is haranguing others for alienates. It makes sens. You have to have this kind of Hutsbah in order to come uproot people from their homeland from the first place.

    1. Il is so right, instead of finding ways to better the lives of immigrants like direct systems put in place to tackle unemployment, crime, health issues etc. you are trying to oust people because of the color of their skin???
      ignorance is NOT bliss….it just hurts to watch this.
      Thanks for sharing!!

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