The Lion Queen

From the trailer for The National Geographic’s “The Last Lions,” a film about a lioness in Botswana’s Okavanga Delta, that is nominated for the best documentary at The Academy Awards this year:

Africa. Here the ancient dramas of nature play themselve out … It’s the eternal dance of Africa.

And to top it off, the film is narrated by Jeremy Irons, Scar in “The Lion King.” I won’t mention the rousing chorus. Get me out of here.



Sean Jacobs

Also goes by Hasan Wazan. Life President.

  1. Still a long loooong way to go… just as long until the moment ALL people will get the irony of your websites' name.

  2. Being part of a project working and striving to breed endangered species in Botswana (, I am so encouraged by your post of the Last Lions!

    For us this movie is a work of art – a masterpiece!

    A spark of hope that yet another person might fall in love with the breathtaking beauty of our African wilderness to ignite a new surge of safari enthusiasts, who once they visit Africa, might be caught by the Africa bug and moved to become more directly involved in our Big Cat Initiatives and anti-poaching rhino campaigns.

    We cannot contain our excitement as The Last Lions movie might just boost our efforts to save another rhino or cheetah or lion for the next generation.

    And I could not help myself conveying that excitement in my own short clip on youtube:

    Thanks again for your positive review – may it become a blockbuster.

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