1. They are bastards. And why would she even allow this ish to be done to her?? What a dumb ass. Sellout and a Tom. Go figure.

  2. That shocked me. Yes, why would she agree to such a stupid idea? It's like, They might as well added a chickenbone between her nostrils and make her look scared…tststs. The sad thing is that it seems her idea of Africa is kind of twisted too.

  3. I’m beginning to think that she’s just not that intelligent. I don’t think she knows any better. Dark skin is beautiful but blackface is rooted in a very volatile history of making a mockery of Black people.

  4. Africa is a CONTINENT fucktard!!!!!!

    It has countries WITHIN it! Did you and Beyonce go to the same school or something?

  5. Beyonce has officially lost any modicum of respect I may have had for her. This campaign was a surefire demonstration of the 'extent' of her intelligence and (self-)awareness and goes to show that in spite of many supposed 'African Americans' being Speedy Gonzales to bandy about their ancestry when the time calls for it, some of them don't even know or are not sensitive to the complexity and root of it all. PS – if Beyonce's inspiration and influence really is Fela Kuti, I haven't seen any evidence of it from the 12+ years she's been about in business. Blither of Convenience.

  6. Don’t be stupid, how can a Black person be accused of wearing BLACK FACE? Just think about it. Black face is a racist creation by white people used to smear and demonize Black American citizens.

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