1. Nice. I found your introduction and reflections interesting and was intrigued by your own background ( Zambia/Sri Lanka and then US). Perhaps some more shameless self promotion with photographs?

    DG's pictures are striking. Is DG a physically small, urban man? His Afrikaners seem to have, to me, big, striking bodies. The human body or the Afrkikaner body looms large in his photos. Maybe it is fact that they are mostly farmers. Perhaps this fits with what is said about the physical intimacy that exists between Africans and AFrikaners on farms.

    Do all people in power look the same? I wonder about that. Guess it depends on what kind of power they exercise. Then again, many powerful people possess the same defensive and entitled look….

    Many of the people in the photographs have weather beaten, hard bitten, subdued faces. As if they an isolated and beseiged people.

  2. Yup – too true, re: people in power not necessarily looking the same, but having that defensive/entitled look. Nice choice of words to describe that, ebele.
    DG himself was born in Randfontein, in a pretty isolated spot of SA, but has lived in Joburg for most of his adult life, though he is often "on the road" taking photographs.

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