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Out of Africa Redux

Every Journey Began in Africa. Oh, really? Checking in from that mythical magical place known as “Africa” (or, as Women’s Wear Daily reports, an “arid South African vista”) are Bono…..

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Music Wednesdays

The video for the remix of the song “Champion,” the tune by Nigerian reggae fusion artist, Pype, this time featuring other Nigerian heavyweights Dagrin, Vector, Naeto C, Sasha and GT.

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The Nollywood Recipe

Nigerian director and producer, Ade Adepegba, speaking ahead of the new film festival, Nollywood Now–apparently the first entirely dedicated to the genre–that takes place in London from 6-12 October: Nigerians…..

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Where does the money go?

Brett Davidson How transparent are governments? How easy is it for citizens to get hold of information about how governments are spending their money? It is this question that a…..

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Manifest Destiny

Chief Boima Earlier this week I attended a panel at the UN’s Millennium Development Goals Summit on inclusive employment in Africa with participants that included such high profile figures as…..

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Jacob Zuma Time

Sean Jacobs Note from a friend who closely watches the South African political scene: Below [the link follows] is a JZ [Jacob Zuma] post-Durban posting [the ruling party, the ANC,…..

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Everyone's an African

Brett Davidson Regional lobby group, the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA), has drafted an equal rights manifesto in conversation with civil society, cultural and religious leaders from…..

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White People Eat Fried Chicken

Allison Swank Just as Nelson Mandela went underground as the Black Pimpernel in 1961 to evade the white apartheid government, in this TV ad for  a popular South African fast…..

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Music Break

This is hipster stuff you can dance to at least. “Boomslang” (literally tree snake) by LV and Okmalumkoolkat.  The latter is one half of the new South African band, Dirty…..