Who will play George Weah?

Liberia and Friends report that the Hollywood actor/director Dermot Mulroney (what does he know about football?) will develop and probably direct a biopic on the life of Liberian football legend George Weah.

Sadly Weah, the 1995 FIFA World Player of the Year (and a player with a legitimate claim to be Africa’s best ever footballer), never played in the World Cup. (Liberia almost qualified for the 2002 World Cup, but that’s the closest they came.)

I hope the filmmakers do justice to the kinds of special moments in Weah’s career, like the end-to-end goal–in the video above–scored in Italy for AC Milan.

The other big question is: Who will play George Weah? Idris Elba? Or is he too old?

Weah is now a politician and will probably run for president again in next year’s elections in Liberia. Oh, and he’s tried his hand at writing op-eds.

Sean Jacobs

Sean Jacobs

Sean Jacobs is the Founder and Editor of Africa is a Country. He is on the international affairs faculty of The New School in New York.


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