I haven’t had time to blog recently, but had to put this up. Earlier tonight, while watching a “60 Minutes” insert for director James Cameron’s latest expensive movie, “Avatar” (which is expected to crush all box office records when it comes out next year) I saw this commercial for the identity protection company, Identity Guard.

The commercial riffs on the notorious 419 fraud scam that originates in Nigeria. It is self-explanatory.  I don’t like the commercial’s premise, despite the surprising ending, as it merely reinforces viewers’ racist conceptions of Nigerians.

[BTW, advertising and the movies have been hard on Nigerians lately: In District 9, Nigerians, instead of the aliens, are “the true Others” and not so long ago the 419-theme was at the center of a Sony video game ad.]

Finally on a side note: I wouldn’t be surprised if that commercial was shot in South Africa.

Sean Jacobs

Sean Jacobs is on the international affairs faculty of The New School. He is the Founder and Editor of Africa is a Country.

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